Witches Black Salt Vial

Witches Black Salt Vial

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Salt is a fantastic source of protection and is used in many spells to banish anything evil. Handmade by our very own with the purest of inner, It has many uses such as:

Sprinkle or cast a line of salt on window frames or doorways to protect the home and keep evil out.

Place it in a bowl on your altar.

Place in a bowl by your bed to ward off nightmares, unwanted watchers or spirits. 

Keep some on your person to reflect negative energy back to It’s source.

When you cast a spell, put a pinch of black salt in each corner of the room, before beginning the ritual. 

Caution: black salt contains charcoal which may stain light colored surfaces, you only need to use a small amount at a time, switch out the used salt with fresh salt, dispose of the used salt. 

approx 69g