Angel Numbers An Enchanting Meditation Book of Spirit Guides and Magic

Angel Numbers An Enchanting Meditation Book of Spirit Guides and Magic

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Harness the power of meditation to reveal what your angel guides are trying to tell you in the numbers you encounter every day.

Have you ever noticed repeated number sequences in the world around you? In this magic handbook, you will find the meaning behind "angel numbers," and how they apply to your life.

Angel Numbers introduces the history and roles of angels and how to communicate with them, and then delves into the unique energies of each of the root numbers, 0 through 9, as well as more advanced numbers such as 1010 and 3456.

Each angel number profile concludes with a meditation to help you embody the meanings and use them to move forward on your spiritual path. Find insight with meditations like:As you sit in your clear space, let every material thing fall away from your consciousness.

You don't need them. Instead, ask yourself what's important to you in this life. Is it family? Friendships? Community? Whatever it is, hold that thought in the forefront of your mind. Then picture the number 6 encompassing it in its center. Let the characteristics of 6 guide you and put a magnifying glass on what matters most to you. Aim for it and let 6 lead you forward. Follow these powerful number sequences to awaken yourself to a new world filled with meaning.